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Velvet Tattoo

Tattoo Removal in Brighton & Hove

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We have a pricing structure that is fair and affordable to suit every individual.

You may actually be surprised at how reasonably priced it is to remove your unwanted tattoo and ex partners name!!

Laser tattoo removal is ideal to delete or lighten those tattoos.
Most of our clients opt to lighten with a few treatments so they can then have new artwork to cover up the remaining faint traces.

Prices start from just £35 per treatment

The Laser Procedure
The laser rays break the colour pigment of the tattoo into tiny fragments by accurately focusing the tattooed skin with appropriate intensity, this will leaving the adjoining skin completely unaffected. Once the ink molecules of the tattoo are fragmented, the immune system of the body takes over and expels the colours from the body. In due course of time the colours fade and eventually disappear. The complete removal of the tattoo takes some time and requires a number of such sessions depending on the areas, colour, depth and will power of the person.

The Associated Pain
Obviously, laser heat is absorbed by the tattooed skin and thus pain occurs just like other treatments involving lasers. People who have undergone laser tattoos removal treatment describe the pain associated with it as if a number of rubber bands are being snapped onto the skin or bee stings over the treated area. If you find it hard to bear the pain, you can apply a cold compress on the area or take pain removing medicines to counter the pain.

You should consult your tattoo removal professional in advance regarding pain management. You can get an idea as to how many settings will be required and plan your schedules accordingly. You can also get an estimate of your tattoo removal treatment. The cost basically depends on the size of the tattoos, and the amount of ink used for the tattoo.

Post Procedure Care
You need to take care of the affected areas and keep it clean and covered for proper healing. If you become careless about the treated area, it might get complicated and further delay your removal procedure. You should understand your physical capabilities and stop any activity that causes pain over the treated area. As the basic rule, you should keep the areas out of the sun.

You don’t have to worry that your momentary decision for getting a tattoo has now become a permanent mark on your body as it can be removed, you can easily get rid of your unwanted bodyart with laser technology.

The concentrated light rays of laser are used to remove the colour from the tattoos. When the ink pigment of the tattoo is targeted using the laser, it breaks the ink molecules and in a few weeks the molecules are absorbed by the body thus reducing the intensity of the colour. The black tattoos fade and disappear much faster than purple, red or green colours as black is known for much better absorption of laser heat then other colours.

However, it requires several visits before the tattoos can be completely removed. The number of sessions depends upon a lot of factors such as the depth, colour and age of the tattoo. Moreover, the capacity to sustain the pain varies in different people and so the sessions are also decided according to the pain threshold. Some people become restless within twenty minutes while others might bear the pain longer, fortunately we have numbing cream that can be applied 30 minutes before the treatment that greatly reduces the pain.  

After the completion of the day’s session, the tattoo area is properly dressed with antibiotic cream and covered using a bandage to avoid infection. The treated skin area might get some discoloration, and this is quite normal and regains its normal colour over time.

There can be numerous reasons for your decision regarding removal of tattoos and other markings on your body, but once you decide to take an appointment for laser tattoo removal, you undoubtedly get a chance for a spotlessly clean body. However, for better results, you need to adhere to the instructions recommended by the tattoo removal professionals. You may be familiar with the procedures, but there can be a lot more questions that you wish to ask regarding your tattoo removal. We will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

Picture of a tattoo done in Brighton Hove Picture of a tattoo done in Brighton Hove Picture of a tattoo done in Brighton Hove